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good things, friday edition.


1. took some good pics
2. got to sleep in yesterday
3. paid therapy bill!
4. ran into dad randomly <3
5. lunch with Kaisa
6. wrote to Jill
7. found good stuff to send her
8. upped my carb intake!
9. no longer freezing constantly
10. bananas
11. poetry night with Kaisa
12. weird discussions with up-and-coming novelists
13.  came back on the last metro
14. new phone wallpaper15. FINALLY bought a new wallet!
16. it’s friday
17. kind of happy about going to work today
18. father’s day on sunday
19. today’s outfit!
20. inspiring classes
21. being into my studies
22. inspiring people around me
23. those moments when i believe in myself
24. pretty much everything Sandra Beijer does
25. read like 7 of Jessica‘s posts in a row & feel kind of elevated now
26. get the flat to myself this weekend
27. bought a bouquet of roses for 2,5e & got to keep them for myself
28. Freelee the banana girl!
29. it’s my facebook day
30. blog ideas

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  1. harriet.wikstrom wrote:

    wonderful, wonderful updates!

    Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

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